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Hi, Bob Doyle here!

I'm always asked a lot of Law of Attraction questions, but significantly more after the movie "The Secret" came out back in 2006!

I've created some videos that address some of the most common questions and objections related to the Law of Attraction, and I believe you will find them to be very helpful!

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In These Videos We Address:


The number one thing standing between you and success with the Law of Attraction.

Connecting To Your Passion

Ideally, your life should be DRIVEN by your Passion! But too many people have become disconnected from their sense of passion, and this video addresses that.

The Law Of Attraction In-Depth

A more in-depth explanation of the Law of Attraction for those (like me) who need more than just a "like attracts like" definition! Here, you'll find out what it's really about!

Attracting Specific People

This is one of the most frequent things I get asked about. CAN you attract a specific person with the Law of Attraction? We dig into that in this video...

When Bad Things Happen

So what about when bad things happen out in the world, or even to people we know? Did they attract those things? Are they to blame? Find out here.

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