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Bob Doyle From "The Secret" Presents

Do You Want To Manifest Your Dream Life, But Creating a Vibrationally Charged Vision Comes Difficult To You?

Learn how to release resistance & unclog your energy channels with EFT enhanced by unique meditation techniques - and finally become the powerful creator of your life that you really are.

Do you sometimes feel like the Law of Attraction doesn't always work?


Do you feel that - although you've been reading a lot about it - its mechanics are still unclear to you?


Or maybe it "failed you" so many times that you slowly start suspecting that it's just one big fraud?


Whether you feel confused, disappointed or sceptical about the Law of Attraction - I hear you. And I know how to help.

Hi, Bob Doyle here.

You see - after the movie "The Secret" - there was a wave of Law of Attraction books, courses and what not.

Unfortunately so many of them were not explaining the Law properly... they were just sliding on the surface.

And so, many people thought they got a manual for it and then suddenly knew how to "use" this Law of Attraction thing... but unfortunately, they were not getting results. Or they were getting them occasionally.

And so they wrote the whole thing off as pure luck, a joke or a hoax.

Fair enough.

But let me assure you that The Law Of Attraction isn't any of those things. It's not a personal development tool or a toy, either.

The Law

It's a principle that explains the very nature of the Universe. It's the Law - and that's the 1st keyword here - that applies whether you accept it or not.

And you can only play according to its rules or against them - which is the same as playing against yourself.


The 2nd keyword is Attraction.

After all, it's not the Law of Winging It or Forcing It.

But how can you ATTRACT something, if you're pushing it away at the same time - without even being aware of it?

How can you manifest something, if you failed so many times that you've stopped believing it's doable?

And finally... how can you get something you really want, if you don't believe you truly deserve it?

How to recognize negative brain conditioning

Below you'll find some of the examples of the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs around MONEY and CAREER that might be running your brain on autopilot. You can have a similar narrative around your health, relationships and so on.

Look at this list and see if any of these lines look familiar:

  • "Making honest money is never easy."
  • "I'm worried that people will find out that I'm not smart enough for this job."
  • "I don't deserve to be here."
  • "Money is the root of all evil and creates inequality."
  • "Rich people are not happy."
  • "You cannot be rich and spiritual."
  • "That's what I'm used to anyway, my family was never rich."

Now, I want you to listen to this carefully, it is important... If what you've read just now sounds like you, it means that your manifestation will NOT be successful and you'll NOT turn your vision into reality until you clean up your vibrational channels. 


Are your energy channels clogged?

If you recognized the negative self talk pattern, it means that your energy channels are clogged with negative energetic information - your limiting beliefs. They create resistance. Which means that no amount of dream boards, affirmations or visualizations will help, no matter how hard you try, until you unblock your channels.

Let me explain. Imagine a car.

Do you know what would happen if you blocked the exhaust of a car and turned on the engine?

It won't start. Not for long anyway!

And it doesn't matter how much you push the engine... or how much you want go somewhere... It just won't work.

And just as you'd have to unclog your car's exhaust, you have to unclog your vibrational channels first...

You Need RELEASING Techniques

My personal favourite and most recommended would be EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping.

I was trained by Carol Look, an amazing EFT coach and expert, and honestly... this technique has worked wonders for me over the past decades.

What's crucial here - Carol's approach will work even if you're sceptical about the Law of Attraction... or about EFT itself.

It's because no one will force you to repeat positive affirmations or any empty words that you don't believe in and don't resonate with.

This tapping technique acknowledges and respects where you are currently at - and allows you to slowly release it, and create energetic momentum from there.

A fresh start, so to say.


The Emotional Charge of PASSION

After you clear your energy, the next tool you'll use in the process of attracting your dream life is your passion.

You're going to learn how to use the vibrations your passions create to enhance your vibrational resonance and manifestations.

Because, let's be real: you don't feel positive and enthusiastic about life every single day. You don't always feel like a powerful creator of your reality.

Sometimes you feel tired, disappointed, frustrated, impatient. Sometimes you doubt the Law of Attraction - and that's absolutely normal.

Can happen to the most resilient of us.

This type of heavy, low energy is really difficult to shift - and that's why you need to know your passion. You'll learn to access its energy and use it as a springboard for vibrational transition.

uAttract Collection

Now, if this sounds inspiring and empowering, and you'd like to give it a try - please be my guest.

I've packed together all the tools that you'll need to unclog your energy channels and start manifesting effectively - you'll find them in my new online program called uAttract Collection.

As you go through the uAttract Collection, you'll:

Understand the nuances of the Law of Attraction (the details that many books and courses don't reveal)

So you could stop running on autopilot, unconsciously repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Learn how to use your passion and its vibrational charge to your advantage

So you can fuel your manifestation and use it for transition from low to high energy.

Discover the unique power of EFT a.k.a Tapping

The unique benefit of this technique is: it will work even if you're sceptical about it.

Identify and release resistance (your limiting beliefs) through EFT

So you can prepare your vibrational channels for finally attracting and receiving what you want.

Learn how to identify the subtle guidelines from the Universe

They will be your road signs in this manifestation process.

Go through a guided meditation - supercharged by EFT - to kick off the attraction process

... and get the momentum going!

How does it work?

uAttract Collection can take you as little as one evening. The amazing thing is, after you go through all the steps, your energy will shift automatically.

Of course, you might have to repeat the whole process a few (or many) times, depending on how clogged your energetic channels are.

After you enroll, you'll get access to the program through our membership platform - you can consume the course through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

What Will You Get?

Here's what you'll get with the uAttract Collection.

The uAttract Collection

The uAttract Webinar (video recording)

Introduction to EFT with Carol Look (audio recordings)

The uAttract Meditation (audio & video recordings including EFT techniques)

EFT Releasing Sessions (audio recordings)


Access to the private Facebook group where you can get in touch with the LOA experts and other like-minded people - this is your tribe. You can ask questions, exchange insights, share stories of breakthroughs and successes.


"EFT Tapping Map" eBook by Carol Look

"EFT Guidebook" eBook by Carol Look

Enroll today & skyrocket your manifestations

If the uAttract Collection sounds like a set of tools you need to start attracting and creating your dream life, give it a try. You have 60 days to test it at no risk.

Today's Limited Time Price: $99 $59

Enroll now

If, for whatever reason, you decide that this course is not for you, you'll get a full refund - within 60 days from the day of purchase.

Hope to see you aboard.

To your greatest abundance,

Bob Doyle

Law of Attraction teacher and featured expert teacher in "The Secret" movie

About Bob Doyle

You might know Bob from the movie "The Secret". He is a Law of Attraction teacher, an author and a skilled coach who strongly believes in presenting the Law of Attraction in a clear, practical manner.

Bob has a varied background in creative pursuits - he has experience as a composer, broadcaster, photographer and musician.

A father of three children, he is also motivated by a strong sense of financial responsibility and a nurturing instinct towards personal improvement.

But how did he become who he is today?

Back in the nineties Bob used to have a corporate job that provided financial security... but didn't give him any satisfaction and passion. This led him to make an enormous life change - quitting his job and exploring new ways to create the kind of life he had always wanted.

He discovered manifestation, visualization and meditation - and began to spread the word about the possibility of creating one's own reality. His coaching was highly successful, but it was only through his own financial and personal difficulties that he understood what the Law of Attraction is really about.

This led him to fully grasp how working with the Law of Attraction takes trust, intuition and a willingness to receive direction from the Universe... and how to break decades of negative brain conditioning.

He also understands that many of the people who are drawn to learning about the Law of Attraction experience doubts or misunderstandings.

Thanks to more than 15 years' experience he now knows how to explain the Law in the most practical, useful and user-friendly way possible. And because Bob's mission is to help others, he created a series of books, online courses and guided meditations available to people around the world.

One of them is the uAttract Collection.

What others are saying about Bob & his teachings:

"Everything I’ve known and felt these last few years finally has an explanation..."

Just had to write and tell you what I think of your course. Everything I’ve known and felt these last few years finally has an explanation. This stuff is brilliant, well put together, easy to understand, and real rocket science! A million thanks from the bottom of my heart, friend!

~ M. Turner

"I am getting a lot of positive benefit from it..."

I just wanted to say I think your program is excellent and I am getting a lot of positive benefit from it. Keep up the great work.

~ S. Corless

"It is indeed very powerful... I am really pleased to have you my side to help me..."

I am doing fine. Going through the material of the program and ‘digesting’ it. It is indeed very powerful and different from others in the market. I am really pleased to have you at my side to help me.

~ S. Corless

Try The uAttract Collection Risk-Free For 60 Days

In any case, your results are guaranteed IF you complete the program. Meaning: you do the assignments, ask for assistance when necessary and take your time. While this will be a fun experience, we're talking about your life here - and we want you to make a commitment to yourself and the program so you can get your results as quickly as possible.

If, however, any time during the first 60 days - and after completing the program fully - you feel that it isn't everything we say it is, you're entitled to a refund. Just message our Customer Happiness team at

Money Back Triple Guarantee

For Your Total Satisfaction & Peace of Mind

1. Customer Support

You're not alone on this journey - we've got your back. Whenever you need us - whether it's to ask a question, share feedback or a story of success - we're here for you. Reach out via our private Facebook group and when you need support you can contact our customer happiness team here.

2. Quality Of Education

You can count on the highest level of quality throughout this program. Every lesson, technique, written word, recorded audios and videos have been crafted down to the fine detail. Everything you will learn is the result of the author's remarkable experience and teaching method that has already impacted millions of people.

3. Progress & Achievements

It doesn't matter if you've struggled to manifest before trying this program, you'll notice profound changes in your life that you once thought were impossible. You will begin to grow and flourish, even if you've been stagnant for years. You'll be happier and more productive. You'll have the ability to spark positive change to those around you. Don't take our word for it - test it out yourself.

Enroll in the uAttract Collection Now: $99 $59

The uAttract Collection Includes:

The uAttract Collection

The uAttract Webinar (video recording)

Introduction to EFT with Carol Look (audio recordings)

The uAttract Meditation (audio & video recordings including EFT techniques)

EFT Releasing Sessions (audio recordings)


Access to the private Facebook group where you can get in touch with the LOA experts and other like-minded people - this is your tribe. You can ask questions, exchange insights, share stories of breakthroughs and successes.


"EFT Tapping Map" eBook by Carol Look

"EFT Guidebook" eBook by Carol Look

Today's Limited Time Price: $99 $59

Enroll now

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